”I started pilates with Lauren as a total beginner in my late 20s. The classes have a nice atmosphere and I would 100%recommend Lauren to people of all ages/abilities. I have found the classes excellent at combating tight muscles from sports or just from daily life at a desk. Lauren is a kind, attentive and very knowledgeable teacher. She is always quick to help with positioning so that exercises are performed correctly and this is great for improving. Most impressive of all, after 4 years of pilates, I have still not seen her laugh at me!”

James Lancaster

”Lauren’s classes are amazing, something different every week and no two classes are the same. As a teacher, Lauren is very considerate of different abilities and helps everyone find their level within each lesson. She inspires students like me to return term after term.”

Janis McAnallen

”I have had weekly Pilates sessions at my home with Lauren since before both my boys were born over 6 years ago. It has become an integral part of my week which I always look forward to.  
Lauren has helped me enormously with my posture and overall strength, always adapting my exercises and focus depending on my specific needs.

 Lauren is extremely knowledgeable, easy going and fun to work with.”

Helen Olney, London 

”I started having private 1:1 lessons with Lauren three years ago, just before I became pregnant with my second child. I can’t recommend Lauren highly enough. She is so patient and understanding and her lessons really helped to keep my body strong and pain free during my pregnancy. After I gave birth to my daughter Lauren safely and carefully helped me to recover from the pregnancy and get my core strength back. Lauren is a fantastic teacher who is always able to spot when a correction needs to be made to ensure you get every exercise perfect before moving on to the next. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable not only about Pilates but about all areas of health and fitness. Lauren’s lessons always leave me feeling relaxed and clear minded but at the same time like I have been challenged and had a great workout.”

Georgia Daniel

“I started Pilates with Lauren as a beginner and the whole experience has been amazing as no two classes are ever the same.  She teaches in a passionate caring way enabling me to feel more flexible than I have done for years.”

Ros Fowler

Lauren’s classes are fun and challenging in equal measure. I’ve been going for 5 years now and really do feel that it’s made a difference. Lauren is patient, clear and the lessons are varied and well thought through. You can definitely see her passion to move her students forward and if you are struggling with a position she’ll correct and show you how to do it.

Seb Clark

“From the first class I was made to feel very welcome.  Lauren’s classes are an ideal mix of challenging, enjoyable and focused to your ability.  I particularly like that every week the class is different.  I haven’t had back pain for over 5 years now, so it’s an hour very well spent every week.”

Matt Cherry

“Lauren is the best Pilates teacher in the world. What more do you need to know? Lauren has been teaching us now for 5 years and, in that time, no two lessons have ever felt the same – she has an amazing dedication to her students and their needs. My wife and I have also avoided the sports injuries that used to plague our careers ever since we’ve had Lauren in our lives!”

Chris Lipscomb

“I came to Lauren’s class with pelvic pain following pregnancy; I was unable to walk without discomfort. In a few short months she had given me back a body I recognised and I was pain free. By then I was converted! “

Harriet Watkins

“I have attended Lauren’s pilates classes for several years now as they are always inspirational both physically and mentally. There is a different programme every class working on specific parts of our bodies as well as our central core. It keeps us on our toes in every sense. The classes are beautifully choreographed so they make perfect sense and I never get bored. It’s both relaxing and hard work; I can’t recommend Lauren enough. “

Sonia Ross-Macall

“I have been attending Lauren’s Pilates Mat classes for over 4 years and my posture, strength and flexibility have improved significantly. Lauren is a great teacher and is aware of every ones individual abilities in her classes and always offers advise and help accordingly during the exercise routines. 

Fiona Hockless

“Lauren is an inspirational teacher……….simply the best.“

Michael Houldey

Both my husband and I are keen cyclists and attend Lauren’s classes each week, she is a great teacher, it took me a while to convince my husband of the benefits of Pilates for his cycling and now he hates missing a class, it is a key part of our training. Thanks Lauren, it’s the most relaxing hour of my week.  

Maria Fitzpatrick 

Love my Monday nights pilates!  I can’t imagine ever finding a better teacher than Lauren!  She truly is dedicated to her passion, she is hugely knowledgeable, so professional, always reliable and makes the class varied, challenging and fun to be part of!   I have been coming to Lauren’s class for the last 10 years and I love it as much as I did back then!   Lauren always gives 100% or that’s how she comes across at least!  Love her style of teaching, totally fab!   Thank you! 

Emmie Caesar

“I discovered Lauren’s Pilates classes around 10 years ago when I was struggling with a back injury as well as the usual other aches and pains we get as we grow older. I had tried other instructors who were good but nothing quite gave me such an all-round body conditioning and feeling of wellbeing as well as one hour of Lauren’s methods. The classes are never boring as Lauren changes her repertoire frequently and you always feel challenged but not pressurised as there is always an alternative position or movement. By the end of her class you often feel taller and as if every part of your body has been toned. Since I started taking her classes, I now have much better posture muscle control and a lot less aches and pains than I used to. I suppose to sum up I would say Lauren’s Pilates class is like a drug that I can’t do without.”

Adrienne Webster Bell

”Lauren’s pilates classes are fantastic, she explains the exercises so you can really feel it working and best of all you get results.”

Aphra Brandreth

I have been working with Lauren for 6 months and can already feel the benefits of her lessons. She is always cheerful, is hugely knowledgeable about anatomy and injuries. I really look forward to our meetings. I feel energised and happier for them.

Shelagh Olney

“Lauren is a great Pilates teacher, I’ve been going to her classes for several years and no one class is ever the same.  Lots of individual attention and care, and the results are fantastic – thoroughly recommended!”

Christopher Spurgeon

I have been attending Lauren’s pilates classes in Barnes for about four or five years now, and I am so glad I found her!  I leave her classes feeling so much taller, healthier and everything moves properly again! I know if I miss a class, I’ll be aching and grumbling until the next class.  Lauren is a great teacher and she makes sure everyone is getting the most out of the class, even if she is catering for a mixture of abilities.  I really hope she keep teaching in Barnes for a long time to come!

Alison Muirhead

“I’ve been a client of Lauren’s for several years and I can honestly say that every lesson is never the same.  My lower back problems have improved considerably over this time and much of this progress is down to Lauren.  She’s made a real difference.”

John Zerafa

I have been coming to Pilates in Barnes since its beginning and find Lauren’s classes to be enjoyable and of a consistently high standard.  No two classes are the same, and individual help is there if needed.  My Monday class sets me up for the week!

Anne Auber

”I have been attending classes with Lauren at Pilates in Barnes for five years now.  I really look forward to my weekly class and hate it when I have to miss one.  Prior to attending these classes I have had other instructors but none have been as thorough as Lauren.  If anyone is doing an exercise incorrectly she immediately spots it and helps that person to get it right.  Lauren also helps us to understand our anatomy better i.e. she will explain what is happening in our bodies during the various exercises. I cannot recommend Lauren’s classes highly enough”

Kate Taylor

”I have been attending Lauren’s Pilates classes on a regular basis for several years.
Lauren is an excellent teacher of Pilates. Her knowledge of the subject and its methodology is second to none. Her teaching is dynamic, always well focussed to the abilities and needs of the class and the individuals within it. There is a pace to her teaching, which is carefully judged. Her demonstrations and explanations are clear and well integrated into the structure of the lessons. Lauren’s classes attract a wide age range; all speak highly of the benefits they gain in fitness, posture and general well-being. I cannot recommend Lauren’s Pilates work highly enough.”

Howard Chester

I have been attending Lauren’s Pilates class on a Thursday morning for the last few months. I was sceptical at first, only because have an aversion to church halls. But ever since I arrived Lauren has been kind, welcoming and very helpful. It’s not a matter of age at her classes. She is there to guide us all through our paces. I would highly recommend, and I do, her class to anyone who is looking for a Pilates group.

Anthea Adams

“I have been attending Lauren’s classes for four years now. Whether you are a beginner or very experienced you will not find a better Pilates teacher. Lauren is Pilates Foundation trained and has the subtle skill of teaching you that essential body awareness, the patience to ensure your posture is perfect and a professional but warm nature of. Lauren takes her craft seriously and to her it is a craft, not a packed and sweaty gym class, not a boot camp rep exercise class or even a relaxation mat session. She has a really good eye which enables class participants to safely develop their technique. With perfection you get results. In attending Lauren’s classes I have managed to overcome the painful symptom of a damaged. nerve in my back, I am in great condition and I am pretty proud of how my body looks (and so is my boyfriend!) Don’t trawl the bazaars guys, try one of Lauren’s classes or check out Pilates in Barnes. You won’t look back…”

Melanie Waters – CEO Help for Heroes

” Your classes should be called Meaningful Pilates. It is obvious that you put such a lot effort into both planning your classes and conducting them. In spite of the fact that I and Len have been doing Pilates for such a long time we still learn and understand what you are explaining and both of us work very hard. We always come out feeling that every minute has been worthwhile. We are truly Lauren groupies!!! “

Pat Cowking

“As a long-term member of one of Lauren’s London classes I have always been impressed by her style of teaching. She is clear, focussed and explains how each individual move affects the way we use our bodies as a whole. She varies the content so that nothing is predictable and whilst you feel you have worked hard, the class is always enjoyable”

Jane Stephenson

“I first began taking pilates classes with Lauren back in March of 2008 after the birth of my son. I have had years of recurrent back problems and the pregnancy only made the pain worse. Four referrals of NHS physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, etc…nothing helped. Thank goodness I found Lauren. Her approach has been incredibly helpful and productive. She really listened to my descriptions of painful muscle areas, observed me carefully, and she honed in on weaknesses with exercises to build core strength. Lauren’s approach is skilled and professional. She is very encouraging and always says the right things to help bring my focus to the particular muscle group the exercise is working on. Her expertise comes across flawlessly giving me the encouragement I need to take it one step further, or as is often the case, not to push too hard. Now, 16 months on I have increased body awareness, an incredible amount more flexibility and can do so many exercises I hadn’t been able to do when I first started. I am stronger and feel better. Taking Lauren’s classes is the highlight of my week. I would highly recommend studying pilates with Lauren.” 

Erin McGuigan

“A great introduction to Pilates with a very knowledgeable instructor. I have a torn L4 disc and was worried about the class, but I would definitely recommend this class as part of a recovery programme for anyone with a similar issue…will definitely go back.”

Michael E

“Pilates with Lauren is a totally uplifting experience and I leave her classes feeling so relaxed – free of stress and tension rather as if I have spent time with a healer. It is so refreshing that what we do every week in Lauren’s classes is different. Focusing each week on different parts of the body, and using different equipment (circles, slides, bars, stretch bands, rolls etc), one never knows what kind of Pilates class it will be – never bored or repetitive – which is so stimulating, and encourages concentration during class! A great advantage of Pilates with Lauren is that there is no distracting background music; concentrating on one’s own competence while she clearly explains which muscles and bones she wants us to work on to improve core body strength, lengthening and stretching the muscles, rather than building bulk muscles. Lauren helps everyone in the class understand how their bodies work, how to build personal awareness, flexibility and balance. Lauren always checks everyone for injury, then encourages us to concentrate on our own competence, not looking at one’s neighbour, but doing the exercises properly, slowly within our own ability. She advises those with physical problems which exercises to avoid, and demonstrates advanced techniques to those more proficient.”

Tricia Jamal

“Great class, very friendly and the instructor is excellent”. 

Heather S

“Best pilatesclass I’ve ever been to.”

Laura G

I have been going to Lauren’s Pilates classes for the last 4 years. She is a brilliant teacher, one of the best I know. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful and each week her classes are different. You leave the class looking forward to the next one.

Alison Peters

Pilates sessions with Lauren have completely reset my attitude towards pilates and my body – reminding me that pure pilates is an amazing physical challenge and mental pleasure. Lauren is a consummate professional and an intuitive teacher – I only wish that we could have an hour together every day. Pilates with Lauren is simply glorious. 

Margret Cody